Catatan Andi

Hi! I am Andi.

I am personable Program & Communication Management Professional with experiences specializing in Organizational Management, including Project Management, Information and communication Management, Knowledge Management, Budget Management, Program Initiation, Monitoring, Evidence and Evaluation, Learning and Reporting (PIMELR), Research Development, HR Management, Web Development, and Digital Media Strategic.

Andi Pangeran

Project Management Specialist

Brief Introduction

I am currently working as a Program & Communication Manager at Filantropi Indonesia (PFI), an association for philanthropic institutions in Indonesia. As a Program and Communication Manager, I have developed strong organizational skills that requires meticulous project quality management, monitoring and evaluation, project budgeting, knowledge management, quantitative and qualitative researches, and an ability to convey the complex program and communication ideas clearly. Also, I have pursued some professional trainings that certainly could give an idea of my capacity and competence in managing the development and implementation of projects, e.g. PMI Project Management Professional training (certified by the local training provider, in the process of international certification) that has given me deep understanding in project management regarding: project integration, project scope, project cost, project quality, project resources, project communication, project risk, project procurement, and project stakeholder management, from the initiation phase, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, to the closing phase; GRI Sustainability Reporting training (certified by GRI), and some other trainings that I have gotten previously, such as Brokering Partnerships, Knowledge Management, Grant Management on Research from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and Technology, etc.

While some of my past experiences have been in the private sector, I also understand the social value of the sector.

I have a unique combination of formal educations; I have completed my bachelor degree from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), majoring in Agrometeorological Science of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty that has taught me the fundamental relations of Agricultural Science, Climate, and Human-being; and currently a magister candidate (master degree) of Persada Indonesia University “YAI”, majoring in Educational Psychology of Faculty of Psychology that has given me specific expertise in dealing with education sector, basic HR management, in relation to how to understand teaching and learning in an educational and organizational environment.

I have also been involving in the sustainable development issue since 2016 in the SDG implementation and collaboration for philanthropic sector in Indonesia, for example, the development of philanthropic clusters with specific issues, including of conducting researches, database development, conference management, etc; I am experienced in community development field since 2012 in minority groups issues; also experienced in delivering technical support to the non-profit sector through sustainability reporting approach; and experienced in dealing with the governments through the development of public-private partnership.

Program Management   —   95%

Knowledge Management   —   80%

Sustainability Reporting   —   85%

Stakeholder Management   —   75%

Public-private Partnerships   —   70%

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning   —   80%

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